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 So I had a dream last night and guess who was in it? That's right! Max Adler a.k.a Dave Karofsky from Glee (: but seriously that was the ONLY good part of my dream because in my dream me and Maxie boy met at freaking FAT CAMP! That's right, fat camp! I mean wtf? Seriously? The one dream I finally have with Max Adler in it and we are at freaking FAT CAMP! I'm sorry but I'd rather have a dream with him jumping my bones ;) but I mean Max wasn't the only one in my dream, some of my friends and one fat ex-boyfriend was in it too, but too bad that the only thing I remember in my dream is Max Adler and Fat Camp ugh. Tonight I'm going to focus really hard before I fall asleep on having a wet dream with Max Adler. Yay for making goals! (: 


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